Wednesday, June 27, 2007

In Iceland!

I've successfully made it through Day 1 of my Watson year! I'm in Reykjavik, where the weather feels like autumn in New England and there's an ocean within easy walking distance wherever you go and I watched the sunset at midnight.

Here's the picture my mom took of me at the airport in Pittsburgh with all the stuff I have with me for the year:

Goodbye, United States!

Haven't seen any cod yet, but I have walked around much of the city and went to the Marine Research Institute, where I met some very nice people and acquired some new reading material all about the fishery. More details and pictures forthcoming soon....


Jason said...

So cool to think that my sister's in iceland.....hope your having lots of fun and that the plane flight wasn't too bad. Love ya

JEB said...

Don't you think it's significant that you've counted 0 fish?

Very best of luck,

Prof. Broich

Wing said...

When I see you again you need to teach me how to pronounce Reykjavik! =D